Lynas Engineers is One Year Old

We have been celebrating completing our first year in business with cakes.

It’s been quite a year since we took the plunge when our previous employer closed their Teesside office and we decided to go it alone.

We have pulled together a newsletter briefly outlining some of our achievements over the last year; please follow the link below to read the newsletter.

One Year In … And Counting

There’s a few people we’d like to thank for getting us this far:

  • David Hitchen and Dawn Huntrod for advice and help in setting up the business.
  • Katie Hitchen for the eye-catching logo and branding.
  • Marie Levy for developing the website.
  • Colin Lynas for doing all the boring but essential work developing our policies and procedures.
  • Joanne Cotton at Ambrose Accounting for answering all our ridiculous finance questions.
  • The clients from our past lives that have been willing to give us an opportunity to get going, including South Tyneside Council, Middlesbrough Council, James Gibson and Kevin Leaver.
  • Natalie Lynas for putting up with Rob and persuading him to go for it – and also for setting up the first job with Belmont School.

Rob Lynas; Matt Taylor; Wayne Farrell; Carl Kemp