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The Grand Marquee, Wynard Hall, is where the long awaited NEPIC Meet the Members Exhibition
took place on the 19th of June 2019; Lynas Engineers being one of the exhibitors. Although this was
their third attendance at this annual event Rob Lynas, the Managing Director, declares this was
their best year yet.

Such a grand event represents a fantastic opportunity for any business, big or small, new or old, to
grow and create new contacts. Lynas Engineers was ready to make the most out of their time
there, not only to increase their brand awareness and profile within the Tees Valley Business
Community and the wider North-East region, but also to be informed about ongoing projects and
discover new prospects for future work.

Knowing the importance of this event and the impact it can have on their business, the team made
sure to prepare in advance for the day. One of the steps they undertook to ready themselves was
researching the list of members who were attending in order to select potential contacts whom
they would aim to get in touch with at the event.  In addition, a brand-new banner was purchased
for their stand in order to catch the eyes of the delegates passing by. The team also put together a
presentation in which they integrated a few videos showing some of the animations and 3D
designs they created for certain projects such as a Middlesbrough Council housing scheme and the
A66 Through-About scheme, to display their expertise and design capabilities.

As soon as they arrived and the stand was installed, they began to interact with people. When
asked about the atmosphere at the event, Wayne Farrell, Director and Principal Engineer at Lynas
Engineers, described it as “exciting and positive”. One of the highlights of the day was making
connections with several big organisations such as Redcar and Cleveland Council and Mabbett. The
team gained several other leads for new projects and also acquired a great amount of information
through the presentations they attended; the overall experience was therefore considered very

A few tips Lynas Engineers would give to anyone who wants to exhibit at such events are:

  1. Be prepared. As cliché as this might sound, the importance of a thorough preparation cannot be stressed enough. In order to have a productive day at any exhibition, make sure to take plenty of time in advance to get ready for it;
  2. Plan the day. It is essential to have a strategy to make the most out of your time. Think beforehand about whose stands you want to visit and what presentations you want to see, but keep an open mind and take any opportunity that comes your way, even if it wasn’t anticipated;
  3. Network, network, network. Ensure you continually make an effort throughout the day to speak to people and, most importantly, listen to them. Because these exhibitions are not just for you to put your name forward, but also to find out what other people are offering. If you listen to what others have to say, the information they share can open new windows for you, the same way you can open new windows for them. As Wayne Farrell says: “It’s all about collaboration.”

NEPIC’s Meet the Members Exhibition on 19th of June was a fantastic day for Lynas Engineers.
They  would whole-heartedly recommend any organisation to go to exhibitions such this, as it’s a
great opportunity to get your name out there and showcase your expertise and services. Not to
mention it offers you the chance to see what is happening within the entire business community
within the Tees Valley and the wider North-East area, which is valuable for any business that wants
to grow.