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Rob Lynas In Conversation

Rob is our Managing Director and head of our Teesside-based team here at Lynas Engineers. We are a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and technicians that are helping change the face of civil engineering across the country.

Lynas Engineers, founded in 2016, has seen its team work across significant projects in the North East and beyond. Their unique approach to recruitment, development and innovative thinking in their delivery is making the company one of the leading names in the region for project delivery and contemporary practices.

Rob said, “Starting the company in 2016 was initially a response to needing to see a change in the industry. Some of the current management team and I had been made redundant from a larger organisation and although we knew we wanted to stay in the field, what we also knew was that we wanted to do things differently – so, Lynas Engineers was created”.

“We had been fortunate enough to work in big companies that yes, had access to interesting projects, but they also lacked some of the more real elements of a really enjoyable job – the personal touches, the genuine interest in individual development and ultimately – wanting to push harder with bringing in new technologies and innovations. Since then, the senior team we have put in place over the years has helped create a company that not only gets to change landscapes and communities – it’s building its own too in its team”.

Lynas Engineers has achieved incredible success with its project portfolio, boasting integral works on the A66 throughabout at Cargo Fleet in Middlesbrough, working on infrastructure connections to Teesside International Airport and residential schemes across the region. But it’s the emerging concerns over the climate crisis we are facing that has given the Lynas Engineers team opportunity to fully explore new ways to work.

Using products such as Hydrorock to reduce flooding on high-traffic zones such as Lizard Lane in South Shields, and significant design for EV charging facilities in Morpeth to utilising more of the on-site available materials in a roller compacted concrete container yard for Bertschi in Middlesbrough are all ways in which Lynas Engineers are helping lower the impact on our environment as a priority, whilst working with their clients needs, ambitions and budgets.

Rob said, “I am incredibly proud of the way in which our team think to provide solutions on jobs. They are listening to the problems handed to them by clients, meeting their needs and expectations – and then surpassing them by identifying additional benefits of being more conscious of the impact of the work. The professional development we roll out through our staff has really given them the confidence, knowledge and skills to think much wider than the simply addressing the immediate concerns – they are working collaboratively with the clients, and offering a significant amount more than just what is needed at the outset. We are changing the way projects are being managed and increasing benefit at every stage to each customer and the communities they are in. And that is the type of business I set out to create.”

“I am really looking forward to being able to expand further on some key areas in and around civil engineering in the coming months from the team and myself, but for now – I am taking stock of the journey so far, our team and our future together. It has been an incredible few years and with our ambitions for the business, we’re not slowing down!”

Lynas Engineers is looking to grow its team of skilled staff, across a range of roles. If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities available, please contact

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