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Client: Seymour Civil Engineering
Location: Horden, County Durham

Our team were instructed to carry out a detailed design for the construction of a replacement culvert and access track. The existing site, which was a key traffic point for the public and the Coal Authority, was in a state of disrepair and was putting the integrity of the access track at risk due to subsidence. 

After working together with multiple agencies, our team was able to develop several innovative ways to make the site safe and functional. 

Original planning had suggested using a box culvert but, with the site having such restricted access, the design was revised to incorporate a pipe culvert arrangement; this ensured risks to the adjacent Network Rail line were negated due to the use of smaller lifting equipment. 

In order to maintain watercourse flows during construction, we were able to utilise the existing culvert whilst the proposed culvert was built “off-line”. We were then able to leave the existing culvert in situ and included a removable cap; should any future works be required this could be used to divert flow from the main culvert. 

Maintaining the integrity of the site was at the forefront of the Lynas Engineers team and so continued to work on ways to lessen the impact on the environment. As the site is located within a Site of Significant Interest (SSSI) we designed downstream stone gabion areas which help provide benefits to water quality whilst maintaining the rural and ecological aesthetics, treated timber was used and earthworks graded throughout to complement the surroundings. 

We assisted the Seymour Civil Engineering team throughout the entire construction process including the design of the temporary access route which significantly limited impact upon the rural area and to ensure materials, specifications, and working methods were in keeping with national guidelines and standards. 

Overall, Lynas Engineers were able to provide robust design and assistance throughout construction – on time, under budget and all stakeholders were happy; leaving the site functional as well as beautiful. 

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