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– Preferred Partners reconvened to discuss the impact on our environment and communities from industry, change, and human evolution.

Environmental Legislation may not be the bed time reading of choice for many, but its importance simply cannot be understated. Tamma Carel of iCor Systems presented a thought-provoking session to the Partners at the recent meeting that educated many and also sparked animated debate and conversation.

In an ever-changing world, what we do with, and to, our environment is more crucial now than ever before. We are facing a climate crisis, with rising temperatures and lasting damage to our planet, businesses must move faster in reducing their impact, increasing their sustainability programmes and educating their teams on what they can all do.

Tamma, environmental specialist said, “The purpose of environmental legislation is to protect the natural environment from human activity in order to protect the survival and thrival of our people and planet”. But with so much information available, conflicting understanding of how to ‘work towards’ or ‘achieve net zero’ or circular economy , as businesses of varying sizes and impact, it’s increasingly difficult to know where to start.

“99% of your carbon footprint lies within your supply chain”. This is a striking statement made by Tamma, which has definitely given many Partners something to work on. As organisations, many of us are focussed on what ‘we’ are doing and how ‘we’ are doing it – but the importance of the awareness of our supply chain is rising and it is now more important than ever to safely, ethically and responsibly work with partners that reflect the same values.

Active travel, biodiversity, environmental impact and ecology are all significant elements of most projects, however as many Partners stated throughout the session, the challenges faced are also down to the cost of implementing innovative practices. However, working cohesively we can help change mindsets that focus on ‘cost is king’; the Preferred Partners and companies in all sectors can champion early adoption of greener practices, to collaborate in new ways and help safeguard our united future.

Tamma said, “It was great to see that there is a strong moral and commercial appetite for the transition to net-zero. Organisations are keen to see regulation and government strategy accelerate this, but more interesting is to hear about those businesses that are moving faster and making the transition for themselves with a key focus on risk management and business resiliency for the future.”

Companies are faced with new challenges every day. The global impact on our environment is not a new concern, but it is a growing one, but it is only through working more closely together and by implementing new practices can we begin to overcome it. Working together is an absolute cornerstone of the Lynas Engineers ethos and we are proud to bring other organisations together to make change and collaborate.

Our thanks to event sponsors, Sweco for helping bring together the Preferred Partners to discuss such a crucial topic within our sector. 

Thank you also to Tamma for delivering some fascinating insights too!