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This Is An Image Of The Exterior Of The Cargo Fleet Offices. It Is Red And White Brick With Lots Of Windows And Columns By The Doors

Recently, Lynas Engineers has put down roots in a new location. The Cargo Fleet Offices in Middlesbrough have housed some incredible organisations, businesses, and industrial leaders from Teesside for more than 100 years, and now we can add a flash of bright orange to their illustrious halls.

Making this move was no easy decision. We had made our home at the Wilton Centre in Redcar for almost seven years, and we had begun, grown, and evolved significantly during this time. That location holds an incredible amount of fond memories and indeed, helped shaped the organisaton that we are today. However, as the business changed, so too did its needs – and we found a new home at Cargo Fleet.

this is an image of the exterior of the cargo fleet offices. it is red and white brick with lots of windows and columns by the doors

Our MD, Rob Lynas said; “Taking the Lynas team to the Cargo Fleet Offices gives us new opportunities to grow, to create impact and to have more control over core business elements too such as heating and power usage; allowing us to meet our own carbon reduction targets, to be more accountable and more sustainable too. Being part of this new community is exciting, we were sorry to leave the Wilton site, but change is good and we’re starting a new chapter in the Lynas Engineers journey”.

Wayne Farrell, Director said; “Moving an entire business is no small task, but we were incredibly proud seeing the whole team pull together to ensure the transition was virtually seamless. We are predominantly a desk-based technical team, but when the move came, everyone got involved – dismantling furniture, restoring the office to its original state, ensuring the cabling was handled properly. I was very proud to see it in action, and it’s testament to them that there was virtually no downtime in the business during the move – they were so efficient, so excited and it showed as we managed the whole move in just one day.

We have a fantastic team and seeing them pull together to make this move happen was incredible”.

Now we are settled in, we have new staff joining this month and next, so the Lynas team is growing, and we are privileged to be working on some exceptional projects. This month, the business turned seven years old and that has allowed us to stop, take stock and see the history of our business, our partnerships and opportunities and the way forward from our new site in Middlesbrough for the next stages of our business.

Thank you to everyone who supported us, worked with us and given us opportunities to become the business that we are today. Our new office door is always open, and we look forward to seeing you throughout the next chapters of the Lynas journey!